Image of Suede Mitt - Burnt Orange

Suede Mitt - Burnt Orange

-Fabulous fit and feel
-Protects wrist and forearm without bulky sleeve
-Non-slip, pliable grip
-Naturally heat resistant
-Grips well on everything from heavy roasters to thin baking sheets
-Click here for examples on how to use the Mitt
-Double pocket makes use quick and efficient
-Designed for years of use
-Wipes clean with damp cloth or the abrasive side of a sponge
-Click here for directions on how to clean the Mitt
-Occasionally machine wash, lay flat to dry
-Made in China with four layers of 100% genuine suede

"I was surprised at how easy these were to clean. I use the abrasive side of my sponge to spot clean them and I like how they look after they've been used a lot."
-Dennis, Los Angeles, CA


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